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  • Giuseppina Albano   Researcher (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research interests: stochastic processes, time-continuousGarch  processes.
  • Alessandra Amendola   Professor (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research interests: time series analysis, nonlinear models, financial data, forecasting.
  • Pietro Coretto   Researcher (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research interests: mixtures models, model-based clustering, algorithms for  clustering and classification, robust methods for the analysis of high-dimensional data.
  • Domenico Cucina Researcher (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research interests: Multivariate time series analysis.
  • Maria Rosaria D'Esposito   Professor (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research interests: exploratory data analysis, data analysis, linear models, robustness, analysis of social networks.
  • Francesco Giordano   Professor (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research interests: models for bilinear time series, local polynomials, neural networks and bootstrap for dependent data.
  • Giuseppe Giordano   Associate professor (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research interests: exploratory data analysis, multidimensional analysis of data, analysis of social networks, models and methods for ordinal data, models for mortality data.
  • Michele La Rocca   Professor (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research interests: bootstrap and subsampling, empirical likelihood, artificial neural networks, nonlinear time series.
  • Marcella Niglio   Associate professor (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research interests: Nonlinear models for time series: statistical properties, estimate and forecast generation.
  • Maria Lucia Parrella   Researcher (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research interests: nonparametric inference for dependent data, kernel estimators, local polynomials.
  • Cira Perna   Professor (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research Interests: nonlinear time series, artificial neural networks, resampling techniques, robust and nonparametric statistical inference.
  • Marialuisa Restaino   Researcher (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research interests: multistate models, survival analysis, multivariate models for prediction.
  • Giuseppe Storti   Professor (13/D2, Statistics for Economists)
    Research interests: univariate and multivariate GARCH models.
  • Cosimo Damiano Vitale   Professor (13/D1, Statistics)
    Research Interests: linear and nonlinear time series analysis, bootstrap and subsampling, empirical likelihood.
  • Maria Prosperina Vitale   Associate professor (13/D3, Social Statistics)
    Research Interests: analysis of data from questionnaires, structural equation modeling, social networks analysis.